And She Was (2002) IMDB 4.80(51) Full Movie Download

20 Feb

original title: And She Was
rating: 4.80(51)
The U.S.
Director: Frank Reynon. in the roles of: Burt Young, Richard Steinmetz, Dorothy Mercury, Michel Santopetro, Cristina L. Fadale, …
running time:
release date: 2002


Al young and handsome, he was an excellent employee and the worst of the bridegroom, all his dreams remain dreams, and life is monotonous and boring. But one day after drinking at the bar in his bed is charming neznakomka.Porajennyiy al is not, where did this mysterious beauty, and she was not going to refresh his memory. Appearing at the most unexpected moments and disappearing without a trace, she suddenly transforms the life of Ala in a romantic adventure with unpredictable pos”edstviyami.Pohoje, she was determined to give him happiness. But is ready to al to such a surprise?\”

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